Caliche Open House

Golden Triangle Storage, LLC (GTS), which is owned by Caliche Development Partners II, LLC (Caliche), is seeking authorization to construct, own, operate, and maintain the Golden Triangle Expansion Project (“the Expansion Project”), which will add two underground natural gas storage caverns, compression, and brine disposal facilities, and other appurtenant facilities to the existing Golden Triangle storage facility. The Expansion Project will add approximately 14.4 billion cubic feet of new natural gas storage capacity to the Existing Storage Facilities and includes the development and operation of the following facilities:

  • Two new salt dome natural gas storage caverns (Cavern 3 and Cavern 4);
  • Well pad sites for Cavern 3 and Cavern 4;
  • New facilities related to Cavern 3 and Cavern 4, including injection/withdrawal natural gas pipelines, a raw water supply pipeline, an instrument air pipeline, conduit runs for electrical and control systems, gas dehydration equipment, heaters, metering, and other process control equipment;
  • A brine disposal well, well pad, and a brine disposal pipeline;
  • 33,000 horsepower (hp) of spark-ignited reciprocating piston engine-driven compression; and
  • New service corridors and permanent access roads.

All of the proposed facilities comprising the Expansion Project will be located within the existing Central Storage Site, with the exception of a brine disposal well, a brine disposal pipeline, and a well pad access road, all of which will be located approximately 2 miles west of the storage facility.

On September 12, 2023, GTS filed an application with FERC in Docket No. CP23-542-000 seeking approval of the Expansion Project. Pending approval by FERC, construction of the facilities is anticipated to begin in the second half of 2024 with an anticipated in-service date of April 1, 2026.