Houston – May 24, 2024 – Caliche Development Partners II CO2 Sequestration, LLC (Caliche) announced today it has been declared “administratively complete” in the first stage of review for a Class VI Permit for the Geologic Sequestration of Carbon Dioxide with the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)1. GSI Environmental Inc. is overseeing the Class VI permitting process and will next assist with submitting the company’s Class VI injection well plans to state authorities at the Railroad Commission of Texas, of which they also anticipate receiving similar results. As a refresher, Caliche leased subsurface zones under property owned by the City of Beaumont last fall in its quest to enter the growing carbon capture, utilization and storage (CCUS) landscape, and to help reduce the region’s greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions2.

Since its inception, Caliche has steadfastly developed assets on and around the historic Spindletop salt dome. This included the development and operation of an underground storage business (Coastal Caverns) -- which boasted both ethylene and helium storage -- that the company sold to Energy Transfer in 2022. Today, Caliche maintains over 25 billion cubic feet of natural gas storage capacity and 25 miles of header pipe across Texas and California and is constructing the world’s largest helium salt cavern (also in Beaumont).

"We are very excited to have submitted our Class VI permit application and to have passed the initial Administrative Completeness Review stage,” said Graham Payne, Caliche’s Director of Energy Transition. “We’ve spent the last several months gathering historical data, building models, running simulations, and writing. Based on all our work, we should be able to meet the project’s goal of storing 24 million metric tonnes (MT) over the planned life of the project.”

According to the Congressional Review Service, there are currently only 4 federally permitted Class VI injection wells in the U.S. An additional 136 permits are pending review by the EPA, as well as a handful of others in states with primary enforcement authority (North Dakota, Wyoming and Louisiana)3.

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About Caliche
Caliche is a private equity-backed acquisition and development company focused on the underground storage of natural gas, industrial gases like hydrogen and helium, and carbon sequestration. Based in Houston, TX, Caliche's projects are located in Jefferson County on the US Gulf Coast (Golden Triangle Storage, GTS) and in Colusa County, CA (Central Valley Gas Storage, CVGS). The Caliche management team previously developed and sold its underground storage business (Coastal Caverns) on the historic Spindletop salt dome in Beaumont.

About GSI Environmental Inc.
GSI Environmental Inc. (GSI) is an engineering and environmental science consulting firm committed to investigating, analyzing, and solving complex environmental problems. Since 1986, GSI engineers and scientists have been leaders in managing the risks of chemical impacts to the environment on nearly every continent and in over 40 nations around the globe. GSI specializes in issues related to Class VI injection well projects, including the development of Class VI injection well permit applications and the application of federal and state guidelines and US incentive protocols to the development of environmental monitoring programs.