Travis Combel

Vice President, Engineering

Travis Combel has 22+ years of hands-on experience in design, fabrication, engineering management, project management, construction management, and commissioning management, with expertise in salt cavern and depleted reservoir natural gas, liquids, and crude oil storage facility, interconnect, and pipeline development.

Prior to joining Caliche Development Partners, Travis accrued extensive experience with industrial systems, petro-chem, LNG, and oil & gas production facilities, as well as experience with power generation and distribution design & fabrication for low, medium, and high voltage systems. Project locations have required design & operation experience with US, International, and Maritime codes and standards, and led to on-the-ground experience in the US, Asia, Africa, Gulf of Mexico, Europe, and South America.

After crossing over from supplier to end user to work for Bobcat Gas Storage and expanding his skill set to include multidisciplinary aspects of facility development including process, utility interconnects, permitting support, and land, Mr. Combel has held project and management positions at Bobcat Gas Storage, Zechstein Energy Storage, and Fairway Energy as well as consulted for Apex CAES and East Cheyenne Gas Storage. Project management experience includes leading engineering teams and $300 million projects.

Mr. Combel holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of New Orleans.

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