As a hybrid professional, Megan Tallent adds a unique perspective to the team. In her position at Caliche, Megan works from the intersection of more than 15 years spent in development and regulation, and draws on her experience in both the corporate and startup realms. She is responsible, alongside COO David Branch, for the permitting and execution of Caliche’s olefin and NGL storage facilities, and projects. She also negotiates and manages many of the company’s property agreements.

Before coming to Caliche, Megan had a long and successful tenure as an independent consultant, and as director of regulatory affairs at Cardinal Gas Storage Partners, a private equity sponsored company. During her time with Cardinal, she helped oversee four, fast tracked gas storage and upstream projects. Prior to that, she worked on behalf of Merchant Energy Partners and Bobcat Gas Storage as well.

Megan has contributed to field publications, including Overcoming Legacy Oilfield Challenges During Salt Cavern Construction: A Case Study for the Solution Mining Research Institute (2010). She holds a B.S. in Chemistry and Environmental Science from Sam Houston State University.

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