Caliche Coastal Project Overview

The Caliche Coastal project site is located on the Spindletop salt dome, four miles south of Beaumont and only 52 miles east of Mont Belvieu, Texas.

The site includes existing solution mining equipment (tanks, hydrocyclones, transfer pumps, and a 35 MW substation), and freshwater supply via the LNVA canal, which runs adjacent to the main 53-acre property. It also includes an existing 5 million barrel hydrocarbon storage cavern that has passed recent integrity testing and thorough sonar examination. This cavern will be commissioned for ethylene service, beginning Q3 2018, with an initial storage capacity of 600 million pounds and total deliverability of 600,000 pounds per hour. With this cavern, Caliche intends to provide additional market liquidity for Gulf Coast ethylene market participants. Caliche Coastal is permitted for an additional seven storage caverns, with a maximum total permitted capacity of 32 million barrels of NGL or petrochemical storage.

About the Caliche Coastal Project Site

The Coastal project also includes a 345-acre brine pond side, located 2.5 miles west of the main 53-acre storage facility. The brine pond site not only includes existing infrastructure needed for solution mining purposes but is also permitted for the construction of several brine ponds, ultimately required for storage service. Caliche has ordered major capital equipment for the project and initiated development and construction efforts necessary to bring the facility’s ethylene storage services to Gulf Coast ethylene market participants in Q3 2018.

Coastal Project Hightlights

  • Located on Spindletop dome, 52 miles east of Mont Belvieu
  • Acquired in May 2017
  • Main Project Site
    • 53 acres
    • Existing 5 MMbbl cavern
    • Solution mining equipment located on site
    • Permitted for up to 32 MMbbls total storage
    • Water access via canal with contracts in place
  • Brine Pond Site
    • 345 acres
    • Four permitted brine ponds
    • Additional brine ponds engineered for expansion capabilities
    • Three brine disposal wells on site, with permits for an additional 2 disposal wells

Operations, Products & Services

  • Ethylene storage well Flow Rate: 600,000 lbs/hr
  • Ethylene storage well Capacity: 600 MMlbs
  • First ethylene storage well in service Q3 2018
  • Dehydration capacity beyond 600 Klbs/hr

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